With over seven years of professional experience in website design and development, I am able to design while keeping in mind the development process and know how to accommodate design while developing. Both website design and web development go hand in hand to make a website successful.

Copy Organization

Before designing a website, content should and must be provided. This is important to make sure the website is being created with specific needs in mind for the project. For example, is it enough content for a static website or should it be dynamic by using a content management system such as Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress? Although content can always be added later and the design modified, this allows me to help my clients organize their content and prioritize their exposure based on importance. Each website only get’s a few seconds to make a first impression, material should be neatly organized and easy to find with a well structured and user friendly navigation.

Balancing a Design Layout With White Space

Before development begins on a website project, the project must be professionally planned and designed. It must look intriguing and credible. The design should magnify the importance of the content without being too distracting. An equal balance of white space and hues is essential. Images, Links and other media may be used as calls to action to a focal point. Good professional designs will create trust and guide web visitors to take action and potentially help you and your business gain new clients.

Refining the Design

Users should want to know more about a product or service. A visually pleasing website can do just that. Although content is important it should be easy for a person to comprehend the product or service. Incorporating slide shows, videos, photo galleries, and other media can do this. It must be pleasing to look at yet informative. Too much copy may turn off visitors and simply drive them away. It’s a good idea to keep in mind to design for multiple platforms as well. A website should be responsive or have the option to view on a mobile, tablet, or desktop. Too much copy may make it a headache to read on small devices.