Allow Others To Easily Recognize Your Brand

Total brand image begins with a logo that will be easily recognized in conjunction to a company’s product or service. Although it may be tempting to ignore the need for an expertly crafted logo or graphics, it is an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a trust-worthy successful business. Without a professional looking brand design, the product or service may come into question. It’s best to always place your best foot forward and to leave an imprint in the market by being able to compete with competitors and allowing visitors to keep you in mind even if they may not purchase your product or service the first time around.

Be Professional

A branding logo only has a few short seconds to make a first impression. A design that looks less than professional will create doubt. Think of it as a product with horrible ratings, that’s exactly where the logo will stand if it is less than favorable. Who would want to trust a less than professionally branded product or service?

Communication With Visitors

Graphics communicate many messages. It speaks to clients and customers about your brand, your company, and overall professionalism. Images have the power to showcase a message that may be difficult or too lengthy to express written. A graphic makes it pleasing to the eye, relaxes the brain, and entices visitors to continue to read more about your brand.

Expense & Gain

When creating graphics, organization is key. Multiple versions of a file are always ideal, may that be for online or print use. There are differences many don’t realize. A web graphic will not look great on a print document unless there is a print high-res version for it. Images should also not be “flat” and should at all times contain their original layers in order to modify them if need to, saving a company the need to reinvent the wheel every time they need to modify a graphic. Bad designs will cost time and money and will be less than efficient for those who use them. Typography, Hues and White Space need to be considered when designing a good graphic. Allow users to immediately understand the graphic; there is no need to waste time and make them second-guess.